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Why SiteOne?

Everyone on the team deserves the best, and we are determined to give it to them. We believe that we can achieve fantastic results when we prepare the ground for them.

  • Benefits of working at SiteOne
    Progressive Technology
    Professional Hardware
    Spacious Offices
    Option of Working from Home
    Cooperation with Premium Clients on Interesting Projects
    Shorter Working Hours
    Five Weeks of Paid Holiday
    Leisure Activity Contribution
    Regular Breakfasts, Celebrations and Parties
    Fun Team-Building Sessions and Sporting Events

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  • What can you look forward to?
    SiteOne Values
    Full Remote Working Mode
    We Invest in People
    We Believe in Work-Life Balance
    Adventure Team-Building Sessions
    We’re like a Family
This is how we do it

Our values are summed up by the acronym ECR, which stands for Empathy, Reliability and Courage. This is reflected in our relationship with our clients and employees. We’ve been pulling together for over two decades, and there are good reasons for the way we’ve set up our internal processes. If we change anything, it is based on long-term observation and joint evaluation. That’s why our team consists of people who were here when SiteOne was founded and plan to push it forward.

A stable environment for employees means a stable environment for clients. It takes time to thoroughly map out the code and business of projects to pick the best solution. That is why our priority is long-term cooperation and a close relationship with the client. As a result, our employees are enthusiastic about their work, enjoy finding more efficient technological solutions and perform well in the long run.

This is us

We truly care about people, and that is not just a platitude. Our team is stable and approaches clients with professionalism and a human touch. It’s not unusual to come across colleagues who have been with SiteOne for 10, 12 or even 15 years.

  • AC/PM & Team Leader

    Jan Vojta

    He leads a team of project managers at SiteOne, including the iWatt, Blue Style, NWD and Rohlík projects.

  • Head of Design

    Tomáš Procházka

    He is a design team leader, web designer, typographer and graphic designer.

  • Head of Development

    Ján Regeš

    Janek is a highly reliable head of development, infrastructure and design.

  • Business Strategist

    Josef Horký

    He is responsible for client support and devising solutions to help them meet their goals and strategies.

What's in store for you?

  • Twice a Week

    Company Breakfasts and Brunches

    The way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs, and food stimulates their appetite. That is why we have included breakfasts in our regular meetings. Each Tuesday and Thursday, SiteOne employees start their day at the office with tables full of food. There is something for everybody: plenty of vegetables, fruit, homemade cakes, bakery products with meat and cheese platters and other sweets. 

    Gathering over a meal loosens the tongue of even the shyest members of our team. It gives us the opportunity to get to know one another informally on a weekly basis which ultimately translates into our daily communication.

  • Every Week

    Team Meetings

    Whatever the relationship, communication is key. Once assumptions start to grow on one side or both and the noise of communication grows, it drags down all the hard work the partners have done. That’s why SiteOne emphasizes team meetings.

    Every month, all employees meet at the BBS (“Branky, Body, SiteOne”), where management members and team leaders take turns presenting new developments. Marketing, HR and project managers meet bi-weekly for a strategic AC/PM, and every other week our colleagues can stop by the CEO. And let’s not forget the annual meeting where we evaluate the entire past year and discuss plans for the future. However, communication at all meetings does not flow unilaterally. Everyone has the opportunity to speak up, ask questions and get answers.

  • Every Year

    Fun Team-Building Sessions

    Businesses cannot survive without quality cooperation. Once information stops flowing and walls of silence and animosity begin to be built among colleagues, our clients will also start to feel uncomfortable working on shared projects. That’s why SiteOne responsibly tries to strengthen interpersonal relations with beautiful trips with a bit of adrenaline and lots of fun.

    What have some of our destinations been? We competed at Fort Boyard in Chotilsko and took a swim in the Lipno reservoir. Another year we went on a hike in a Treetop Walkaway and enjoyed an amazing barbecue at a hotel in Frymburg. We also went to Harrachov in the Krkonoše mountains and had a picnic near the Mumlava waterfall. And last year, we celebrated a summer without COVID-19 restrictions with a survival course and a swim at Slapy. Of course, we ended each trip with evening entertainment.

  • Constantly

    Sporting Events

    Healthy body, healthy mind! We are busting the myth that developers are stubborn introverts who only venture outdoors to shop for food or to go to the office. Hours spent coding are balanced by sport and movement.

    For example, we are proud participants in the iWatt challenge, also because iWatt is one of our clients, and we developed an app for them. Every May, we also participate in the Cycle to Work challenge, which encourages people to leave their car in the garage and walk or cycle to the office. Upon arrival, employees can take a shower in the office and start the day dry.

  • December

    Christmas Parties

    Christmas should be spent with people you love, so we’d like to take the opportunity to meet. The biggest gift and wish is to meet next year in the same line-up, but there are also some actual gifts, of course. We at SiteOne have also fallen under the spell of Secret Santa. Everyone draws the name of a colleague and then gets a gift for them without the recipient knowing who bought it. Everybody goes home with a surprise!

    Plus, we also give away our own original merch! SiteOne gives out merchandise to employees all year round, but at Christmas, it has the hallmark of something extra-special. We meet in our offices or at a nice establishment, talk and share some moments.

  • Always

    Informal Meetings

    We are happy to be part of the Korunní dvůr building, a former brewery, so we always have plenty of opportunities for unofficial after-work get-togethers over a beer or a glass of wine. We meet in parks or bars with a nice ambience, either just for fun or to celebrate a colleague’s birthday.

    By the way, we always prepare a cake for those celebrating their birthday directly in the SiteOne offices. We all meet in the office kitchen around noon, and there the lucky one blows out the candles and receives best wishes from everybody on the team.

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Our Values

See these values as a promise of effective cooperation.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; we are with Aristotle on this. That’s why we consider relationships between colleagues an essential indicator of company culture. SiteOne functions as a family, and we welcome new additions to the team with empathy, understanding, sufficient training and trust.


We can count on each other. Whenever one of us is indisposed, another one takes the helm. At SiteOne, we all pull together. We do our best to make everybody happy and our clients satisfied. We are more than just colleagues; we are a family which is always there to support you.


We are not afraid to take the path into the unknown and make the world a better place. We take risks where they pay off and confront our problems head-on. We don’t take shortcuts; we tell the truth and patiently see each project through to a successful conclusion. We appreciate everyone with a good idea. That’s why everyone is equally close to the management.