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About iWatt

The iWatt challenges help sports clubs in Slovakia raise funds through an intuitive app. They also aided companies in maintaining their fitness and health even under the COVID-19 restrictions.

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Our Solution

In collaboration with Quison and Direactions, we developed a smart app for iWatt to get everybody moving. It all started with an idea to support a good cause, i.e. to motivate people to move and expend as much energy as possible and to convert this energy into a virtual currency called iWatts. The teams collected iWatts and then decided to make donations to sports clubs or hold competitions to win various benefits. 

The main focus was on supporting sports clubs in Slovakia, finding partners and providing even the smallest clubs with as much funding as possible. We developed a sophisticated algorithm based on activity information, typically based on distance and time, while also taking into account the number of kilometres walked and calories burned. The mobile app is compatible with Android and Apple and can work with external apps, such as Garmin or Health (iOS). Despite the fact that these apps are used mainly seasonally, the iWatt app is gaining new fans and processing huge amounts of data. Therefore, while developing the app, we had to pay special attention to protection against intruders who would want to cheat on their scores.

BestOne Results

The result is a mobile app which measures physical performance, can interconnect with third parties and helps with a good cause.

  • 5,5

    Million shared activities.

  • 25

    Million kilocalories burned.

  • 21

    Billion steps tracked.