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About Albixon

The leading Czech provider of swimming pool solutions, a full range of accessories and pergolas, which bring joy to gardens in 70 countries around the world. Their customers not only increase the value of their property but also invest in their health and everyday pleasures for the entire family.

In-House Solution

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    Website Design
    User Experience
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Our Solution

Albixon, the leading Czech supplier of swimming pool solutions and accessories, needed a new website. That was like water to our mill! The SiteOne designers literally dived into it head-first. The goal was clear: a perfect user experience when choosing a pool and its enclosure. We were already impressed by Albixon at the first meeting. Their analysis of customer needs is outstanding and incredibly detailed. This provided us with a great source of the necessary information during the primary analytical phase, which we concluded with a creative workshop.

The design part took shape on the basis of marketing, business and other material but also with the help of thorough research by our UX, Design and Analytics Departments. The resulting web solution features appropriate aesthetics and minimalist web design and is supported by a strong UX foundation with the latest practices and knowledge. We focused on the client’s values and customer-oriented approach and an elaborate functionality.

BestOne Results

The final website is a classic example of an easily manageable solution that serves both the company and its customers perfectly.

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    Requirements and final delivery deadline met.

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    Core team members.

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    Months of the analytical phase.


Partner Evaluation

Thanks to SiteOne, we have a modern web design with a smooth user-oriented experience. Before the website was designed, a thorough analysis of the competitors in the Czech Republic and abroad was conducted, as well as keyword analysis and a customer survey. The website reflects modern trends, is straightforward and user-friendly and features a simple pool configurator.

Daniel Bareš

Marketing Manager ALBIXON, a.s.