Digital Transformation of Healthcare







Delivered services

Digital Strategy, Mobile Development, Backend Development, Frontend Development, UX & UI Design


  • Client’s Requirements
    User-Friendly Application
    Easy to Use For All Users
    Uncomplicated Registration to the App
    Flawless Onboarding Process Setup
About EUC

EUC Medical Group is a true revolutionary in the healthcare sector. The company was the first to “digitize” healthcare and provide end-users with superior online healthcare services using the mojeEUC app.

In-House Solution

  • Design
    User Survey
    WF and UX Analysis
    UX and UI Design
    Digital Experiences
  • Development
    Backend Development
    Mobile Development
    Frontend Development
Our Solution

We started with the client’s request to redesign the existing solution, which resulted in a digital transformation. And this transformation contributed to the overall modernization of providing healthcare. One of the first steps we had to take was to create wireframes to clarify our ideas with the client. At this stage, the UX experts already consulted the UI designers and the EUC team to set up the perfect onboarding process in the resulting application. During the UX layout design phase, we had to consider that this exact phase decides how easy the system will be for the users to understand, navigate and manipulate. The next step was coding, from integration to launching the entire system in two mobile app interfaces – iOS and Android.

We have managed to integrate all necessary features, such as SSO, which allows the user to log in to all EUC systems in one place. The testing phase followed. The extensive client zone and interactive environment required several rounds of testing to identify every little hint of a problem. The result is an app which provides the user with 24/7 on-call doctors, serves as a calendar for doctors’ appointments, allows the user to buy their medicine online in the e-shop and summarizes the patient’s medical history using a medical history form. We wanted to provide the users with maximum comfort, and so we emphasized the function of easily activating and deactivating any app feature on the basis of the patient’s preferences.

BestOne Results

The result is a fully client-oriented web application. It allows users to consult their medical history records or contact a doctor 24/7.

  • 8

    Months of full-team deployment on the EUC project.

  • 24/7

    Availability of application and doctor on call.

  • 5 500

    Hours of work of the entire team.