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Delivered services

Business Consulting, Digital Strategy, Website Design

E.ON Energy, a.s.

  • Client’s Requirements
    Online Customer Service
    Cross-Selling and Upselling of Products
    Acquisition of New Customers
    Communication of Brand-Values
About E.ON

The website of E.ON, which supplies energy to 1.4 million customers in the Czech Republic, represents the main and largest point of contact facing the public and a key element of the sector’s digital transformation.

In-House Solution

  • Design
    UX Analysis
    User Survey
    UI Design
    Art Direction
    Web Design
  • Business & Marketing
    Analysis of Business
    Business Consulting
    Definition of Objectives
    Analysis of the Current Situation
    Digital Strategy
Our Solution

The company’s website is a key point of contact, and a smooth customer and user experience contributes to the growth of the strategic NPS (Net Promoter Score). Therefore, we focus on automated feedback collection in order to maximize user satisfaction. We put the emphasis on client values and a customer-oriented approach using social proof and use cases.

We utilized special advanced guides for key customer journeys to increase the number of cases handled in a completely online and automated manner. The optimized search engine, interactive guide and E.ON Advice platform are just some of the many features that open the website to the general public and help them conclude contracts online without waiting in line.

BestOne Results

The resulting website, with its new design, guaranteed the company a considerable increase in leads and significantly boosted end-customer satisfaction when communicating online.

  • 598

    Fully designed pages

  • 100%

    Increase in end-customer satisfaction.

  • 100%

    Functional prototype.


Partner Evaluation

I evaluate the cooperation with SiteOne as absolutely exceptional and above-standard in the local Czech market. I experienced a similar professional, performance-oriented and expert approach in Japan, but I consider it relatively rare in the Czech Republic.

Michal Hátle

Head of Digital E.ON Energy, a.s.