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  • Client’s Requirements
    User-friendly Website and Client Zone
    Easy-to-Follow Account Login
    Flawless Onboarding Process Setup
    Modern and Clean Web Design
About Bezrealitky

Bezrealitky has clearly changed the manner of selling, renting and browsing properties across the Czech Republic. Their redesigned website offers a platform where anyone can sell or rent their property.

In-House Solution

  • Design
    Website Design
    Wireframes and Prototype
    Information Architecture
    User Testing
    Brand Refresh
Our Solution

We started a genuinely creative project for Bezrealitky with a rigorous analytical phase. From the beginning, we focused on the smoothest possible user experience. For this project, we chose an agile approach to meet all of the client’s requirements. The design part was created on the basis of marketing, business and other material that was supplied but also with the help of thorough research by our UX, Design and Analytics Departments. Meticulous user testing was also an essential part of the process.

The resulting website features an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist web design supported by a strong UX foundation which uses state-of-the-art practices and knowledge. A consistent and sophisticated user zone, including a user account, was also a crucial parameter to be met for this project. The website gets up to two million visits each month, and every user needs to be able to navigate through and find or offer a property on the site in a few clicks. Easy and efficient. We also performed a brand refresh for Bezrealitky since the original design no longer corresponded to modern practices and demands. The Bezrealitky website now proudly features our design, accompanied by a redesigned logo which reflects the company’s identity and values.

BestOne Results

Web Redesign

  • 2 000 000

    Visits to the new website per month.

  • 3

    Months for a complete website redesign.

  • 32

    Testing scenarios.