Put maps with directions to your business and other address points on the web quickly and easily with MapsOne. Within an hour you're done and ready to get back to business.

MapsOne allows you to choose pictograms and other features to suit your preferences.

What makes MapsOne unique?

  • Work with web content in your own way
    • Set map and address point parameters in MapsOne Self Service.

    • We send you the HTML to insert into the code and the map works immediately.

    • Receive monthly feedback on real usage on your site.
  • What makes MapsOne unique?
    • Take advantage of Autocomplete (addresses, cities, postcodes...), which offers customers the possibility of completing themselves.

    • Expand maps with various forms of search, nearby sites and other features.

    • Don't limit yourself to just one destination – there is no limit to the number of address points.